hunterbadger said: I just love this blog.

Thanks. So does my significant other and my mom. I think they like this one better than my main one :)

azlairian-deactivated20120523 said: Can I just point out the table you just posted is DUPLO, not Lego. (though it is a branch of Lego, it's not the same)


You are absolutely right. I have used both and have both in my home and DUPLO is for younger kids.

I tend to label my DIYs what the blogger has labeled them and she labeled her post “LEGO” and LEGO is more recognizable to lots of people than DUPLO and the parents I know use the term interchangeably. Although you could do this table with a LEGO base plate too.

Interestingly enough the DUPLO name was dropped in 1977 for LEGO Preschool, then brought back again in 1979, then dropped again in 2002-2004 and renamed EXPLORE, then brought back again in 2004. Info here.